ELTOM, SAMIR 2013-08-09

This is a project and a patent of hanged land in the air that contains an airport , hotel and a building of companies of the owner / author, the reason why its a patent is that its new and uses new theory / method in lifting and hanging the object in the air, founded by the author, the patent consists of other patents of equipments and transportations that serve the hanged piece of ground , in the description and explanation of other patents that work to form this project is to assure and proof that they can work in different projects or ideas .. of these patents that serve the big patent which is the hanged piece of ground , airport and building are electric generators to provide electricity, and that uses its own source of energy to achieve that , which are the rotating wheel with no source of energy and the falling weight ball , there are other equipments in this patent that uses the rotating wheel such as washing machines founded in the hotel and living places of the workers of the project ,the wheel is used too in transportation inside the area , these are planned to be a new product of one of the companies of the owner, these transportation are just the basic idea that work in several models but can be upgraded or redesigned . Then comes the flying cars and buses from and to the ground to the hanged piece of ground , I called them boats they uses a geometrical structure to fly and land.

WU WEIMIN 2012-07-26

Since the second when the human race had appeared on Earth over tens of thousands years ago, millions of people have always been killed by earthquakes sometimes with ensuing tsunamis. If this Quake Death Prevention Technology is not implemented and applied, countless people will forever continue being killed as long as the human race can be sustained by the living conditions on Earth. Wherefrom, this technology is of unprecedented and historic significance and value since it can prevent millions of people from being killed by earthquakes and tsunamis yet to occur. It cannot be more obvious to me that the only way to prevent human deaths to be caused by earthquakes is to pre-emptively induce the gradual release of potential energy which has been built up in an Earth 3-dimensional region where an earthquake is imminently about to happen. Only by so doing, any seismic pressure can be reduced and hence killing quakes can be degraded into series of non-killing quakes. And the process to do so is to be articulated in the specification herewith.

LEE BO KYEONG 2012-07-04
LEE BO KYEONG 2012-07-04
摘要:FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: material of a track base, for instance, granite, is filled in an even layer with height of up to 300 mm from a hopper (4) onto metal reinforcement, for instance, a net (1) laid on the levelled earth. Then at least one laser (8) melts the filled layer. Lasers (8) are installed as capable of reciprocal or circular motion in the horizontal plane and are connected to a diesel generator of a self-propelled machine. Then a rotary water-cooled roller (10) is squeezed in the hardening melt of an indent (12) with depth of up to 100 mm and dimensions equal to the sleeper base. After cooling into the indents (12) sleepers are laid with ready rail sections.EFFECT: increased strength and reliability of a railway track with appropriate increase of train motion speed.2 cl, 1 dwg
摘要:1. Устройство для разрушения материала, содержащее ствольную коробку, ударно-спусковой механизм, газоотводный механизм, ствол, состоящий из патронника и нарезной части, и затворную раму, установленную с возможностью контактирования в переднем положении со скошенной опорной поверхностью ствольной коробки, отличающееся тем, что к дульной части ствола соосно с ним и герметично пристыкован патрубок, к задней части которого присоединен питатель с абразивным порошком в виде емкости, полость которой сообщается с полостью патрубка посредством отверстия в стенке патрубка, а внутрь передней части патрубка вмонтирован сопловой вкладыш с газоходным каналом в виде сопла Лаваля с площадью критического сечения, меньшей площади проходного сечения патрубка, при этом в патроннике при стрельбе размещаются холостые патроны. ! 2. Устройство для разрушения материала по п.1, отличающееся тем, что герметично пристыкованный к дульной части патрубок выполнен с площадью проходного сечения, равной площади проходного сечения ствола. ! 3. Устройство для разрушения материала по п.1, отличающееся тем, что герметично пристыкованный к дульной части ствола патрубок выполнен с площадью проходного сечения, меньшей, чем площадь проходного сечения ствола. ! 4. Устройство для разрушения материала по п.1, отличающееся тем, что герметично пристыкованный к дульной части ствола патрубок выполнен с площадью проходного сечения, большей, чем площадь проходного сечения ствола. ! 5. Устройство для разрушения материала по п.1, отличающееся тем, что сообщение полости емкости питателя с полостью патрубка осуществлено посредством трубки, введенной через от
摘要:A method of modifying the Earth-rotation vector relative to the body of the planet or in inertial space by redistribution of the Earth''s mass.
摘要:Mountain Moving Engineering and Gigantic Cities technologies are new Civil Engineering technologies which can solve housing shortage problems and environmental problems caused by housing development in many parts of the world. Imagine there is a hill without vegetations or engineering protection structures along its surfaces. After a series of heavy rainstorms, serious landslides are likely to occur along the slopes of this hill. Landslides contain a lot of energy and can easily kill many people and bring tremendous damages to civil properties. By using the technologies invented by Gideon Lee, a hill can be removed in a way similar to landslides but in a controlled manner. When the hill is being removed in this manner, the safety of the humans and civil properties at the bottom of the hill will be secured. At the same time, electricity will be generated by the potential energy existing inside the mountainous materials by hydroelectricity technologies. The result is: a large volume of raw materials will be obtained at a low cost, and a piece of flat land will be exposed, too. This combination is perfect for building residential units for low income people. The concepts of Gigantic Cities work well with Mountain Moving Engineering technologies. The large volume of cheap raw materials obtained from a steep hill using Mountain Moving Engineering technologies can be used to build a Gigantic City. Gigantic Cities technologies can solve many environmental problems caused by housing development, for example, drainage problem due to removal of vegetations.

A stratum transferring and restoring method is provided to prevent the shape of remains from being deformed in restoring the original form of the remains. In a stratum transferring and restoring method, a transferring process comprises the steps of: arranging remains preserved on the site and taking a picture of the remains and precisely measuring the remains; forming a hardened layer by applying a polydiisocyanate hardening agent on the surface of the remains; making a male frame by forming a laminated layer by laminating Korean papers and wheat flour paste on a soil layer of the remains and spreading polyvinyl acetate resin, and then covering the laminated layer with vinyl and successively applying urethane and unsaturated polyester resin in order to prevent change of the shape of the transferred surface of the remains; cutting the hardened layer and the male frame in the predetermined size by using a cutting machine and printing numbers or letters for checking the restoring position; equally arranging the uneven soil by separating the hardened layer and the male frame from the surface of the remains and turning over the hardened layer and the male frame, and then treating the hardened layer with a polydiisocyanate hardening agent again; and making a female frame as big as of the male frame by covering the upside of the hardened layer with vinyl and then applying urethane and unsaturated polyester resin in order.

摘要:The present techniques include a field armor system comprising hollow structures designed to be filled with field materials, such as soil, sand, rocks, or clay. At least one face of the structures is made from a projectile resistant plastic composite. The projectile resistant plastic composite panel may be made from a ceramic plastic composite, a fiber plastic composite, or interspersed layers of both. In one embodiment, the hollow structure comprises four connected panels that may be collapsed when empty. In another embodiment, the hollow structure may comprise hollow bricks designed to interlock to form a protective wall.
WOODWELDING AG (CH) 2005-07-06
摘要:A first and a second object ( 1 and 2 ) are joined with the aid of a joining element ( 8 ) including at least in the region of its distal and proximal ends ( 8.1 and 8.2 ) a thermoplastic material. Two blind holes ( 5 and 6 ) facing each other are provided in the two objects ( 1 and 2 ) and the joining element ( 8 ) is positioned in the blind holes such that its distal and proximal ends ( 8.1 ) are in contact with the bottom faces of the blind holes and such that there is a gap ( 9 ) between the two objects ( 1 and 2 ). This assembly is then positioned between a support ( 3 ) and a sonotrode ( 4 ). The sonotrode ( 4 ) and the support ( 3 ) are forced towards each other, while the sonotrode ( 4 ) is vibrated, thereby liquefying at least part of the material having thermoplastic properties, there, where the joining element ends ( 8.1 and 8.2 ) are pressed against the bottom faces of the holes ( 5 and 6 ) and allowing the liquefied material to infiltrate into pores of the hole surfaces or unevennesses or openings provided in the hole surfaces.